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April 13, 2020 · Uncategorized ·  Maria Gomez, MBA


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.


A guest comes with ten blessings, takes one and leaves nine.


Awesome Notes
When your heart speaks, take notes.


Wonderful Photos
Live life, take pictures, relive memories, repeat.

I'm a born and raised, native New Yorker with a passion for living a well-balanced life which, for me, includes a healthy mind & body, an awoken spirit, beauty, innovation, the arts, family and a successful career.

As a true creative and intellectual, my competencies range from innovation in technology, visual arts and creative writing to business, real estate and law, amongst other things.

Discovering my artisty at a young age, I began sketching at nine and continue to practice my artisty today through creative projects, live drawings and development of my screenplay.

As a young entrepreneur, I took advantage of an arbitrage opportunity from a local factory in my Brooklyn neighborhood to sell cookies and since, I've helped to startup ventures across various industries including event promotions, real estate, education and technology while consulting on numerous others.

Through my life's journey, I've been fortunate to garner jewels from my rich Cuban & Puerto Rican culture, career and personal life that I've come to share with family and friends. With a desire to create value in everything I do, I've been inspired to share a few of those gems with you too.

I look forward to sharing notes with you on startups, real estate, innovation, health, food, arts and more! Look around, ask a question and follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter for updates. 


NYU Stern School of Business | MBA - Entrepreneurship, Finance & Management 

NYU School of Professional Studies | Real Estate Development 

NYS Licensed Broker


I'm the founder of an early stage, real estate tech startup and startup consultant. Knowing all the challenges women face in starting up ventures, I put an emphasis on helping women entrepreneurs.

Founder | Real Estate Tech Startup 

Principal Broker | Real Estate Brokerage & Investment



Eating. Sleeping. Thinking. Creating. Cooking. Drawing. Journaling. I'm also a bit of an adrenaline junkie and absolutely love the Shooting Range. Most of all, I enjoy learning and trying new things. Life is short and I want to experience it ALL!


Beaches. Sunsets. Full Moons. Travels. Fine Dining. Chess. Texas Hold'em Poker. Bikram Yoga.

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